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A great interest for photography raised in early years, my first Kodak Instamatic was given to me at 8 years of age. Since that day the catch of an image has fascinated me greatly. In my aspiration to become a professional I decided to enjoy the freedom of being an amateur. Still at 40+ the satisfaction to create and catch a picture is thrilling.

The technique just enables an easier method to produce pics. But still I have my F4 available, although I admire the iPhone to be able to generate such catch of the moment pics.

Erik Jonzon, Uppsala. Born 1967 July 14 at Sandviken Hospital.

At 7-years old moved to Östhammar in Roslagen. Since the age of 16 residing in Uppsala.

During a period from 1996 to 1999 living in London and Helsingborg.


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